Hospitalet du Cosset  11 Place de la Garlande  32720 Barcelonne du Gers

 tel: +33 5 62 69 88 42   port: +33 6 33 80 50 95

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In the year 1118 the l'HOPITAL de COSSET was founded by the Templars of Manciet. It is situated inthe valley of the Adour, between the hills of Arblade le Bas, Vergoignan and Bernède.


Like all hospitals before 13OO, it offered passengers the right to heel (or to stay). It was located on the path of the great pilgrimage of Saint Jacques de Compostella.
Around 1316, the Prior of St. Gilles joins the King Philippe Le Bel to build La Bastide du Cosset, which quickly took the name of Barcelonne.

du Cosset